Donnerstag, 17. Februar 2011

Lackluster Detro Remixed

Detro is a deep, melancholic ambient piece of techno that has been transformed by Nachklangmusik & remlaB, Birdcage and Numerical. Lackluster is one of Finland's foremost exponents of electronica and techno, previously recording for Merck, deFocus, Psychonavigation to name a few. Known for detuned, anti rhythm musical science, Lackluster makes music with one purpose to challenge the listener; however, his use of melody, sub bass and juxtaposing sounds touch the soul and challenge the listener on an entire different cognitive and emotional level. Detro is forthcoming on Nice & Nasty as a teaser to the a larger project that Esa aka Lackluster is involved in and N&N have been working on for over 12 months now. Lackluster has enlisted the skills of Japan's Birdcage; the Anglo-Irish Numerical; and the new techno tag team from Germany & Ireland, Nachklangmusik & remlaB. Nachklangmusik & remlaB - Basic remix that takes the simple melody and string and drops a deep jazz break and create a simple and effective track. This collab remix between Tim Treubrodt and Desy Balmer and the results are intriguing. Numerical - The main man behind Immunity recordings, Nick 'Numerical' Rodrigues drops his trademark dub step quality onto the emotive original and creates a funky twist. Birdcage - Lackluster and Birdcage are a marriage of techno heaven. Finland and Japan joined in harmony. Birdcage was recently described as 'music created in an antique music box repair shop. Creaks and pings like rusted clocks. Purrs and sparkles like a warm wind blowing through a baby cribs multicolored mobile' and well we couldnt say it better. At N&N HQ we have debated and argued the genre of this release. Call it what you want. Techno or Electronica you decide. it is what it bloody well is! Support from: Orlando Voorn (Nightvision), Oscar TG (Red Robot), Vakama (Soma), Mick Chillage (Psychonavigation), Aronek, Cian Frawley, Tomi Chair (Japan), Jay Riordan (Dublin Xpress), Tomas Jirku (Force Inc), Dj Miller (Dublin) and many others.

Mittwoch, 5. Januar 2011

Nachklangmusik - Cern Technologie EP

coming soon....

Tim Treubrodt aka Nachklangmusik has been DJing and record collecting for as long as he can remember, but in 1995 he began producing music, mostly Minimal, but by 2009 he signed to Dublin Xpress recordings and by the end of 2010 he released 4 EPs on DXR and one on fellow Irish imprint Static and US label Unnamed (ULR) remixing the likes of Marco Bernardi, Mark O'Sullivan, The Parallel, Captain Random and many others.

Tim has been fine tuning his skill and sounds into a mature all round techno sound that doesnt fit neatly into easy categories as elements of classic Detroit, Old School Acid House, Minimal techno and Deep House are belnded like a fine Irish Whisky.

Cern Technology is a 4 track EP of mature techno that fuses various styles and if needed could be called modern European Techno Soul; however, we like to call it techno, simple as that.

Cern Technology is a perfect follow up to Stereotype World EPs and could be a watershed in Tim's career as he steps into the limelgiht afforded to many of his fellow German techno producers. The eponymous track will be released with remixes from Erell Ranson, FLO, Manuel Perez and more. Watch this space.

Tim is currently working on remix collabs with remlaB aka Desy Balmer and Phasen. Future remixes for Katsuhiko, DJ Mourad, Riordan & remlaB and Andrew Tiernan will be out this spring (2011).

Like many of Nice & Nasty's artists Tim aka Nachklangmusik is embarking on a European Tour this year and would be interested to hear from you for gigs.

some feedback for this EP:

Andrew Duke","NANO103" Nachklangmusik - Cern Technology 1.2 (Original Mix)","Awesome stuff. Not that often that all 4 tracks on an EP will be this solid. Definitely supporting and charting this one. Looking forward to hearing the remixes. Thanks!

Anton Banks","NANO103" Nachklangmusik - Frequency (Original Mix)","Another solid release from Nachklangmusik! Great music."

Anthony Murphy","NANO103" Nachklangmusik - Frequency (Original Mix)","love the deepness, i'm going to showcase it","

Aubrey","NANO103" Nachklangmusik - Clear Space (Original Mix)","Thanks for a nice varied ep..
great stuff"

Dave Clarke","NANO103" Nachklangmusik - Frequency (Original Mix)",""Frequency" is a nice return to the roots of melodic techno but with a modern twist, "Clear Space" backs it up nicely, def radio play on WhiteNoise"

Deep House Cat","NANO103" Nachklangmusik - Deep Blue Sky (Original Mix)","Awesome!

Desy Balmer","NANO103" Nachklangmusik - Deep Blue Sky (Original Mix)","Best release of 2011 so far."

Dj Mourad ","NANO103" Nachklangmusik - Frequency (Original Mix)","It is damn hard to pick up a favorite. I love all of them. If this was on vinyl i will not hesitate a second to buy it.

Enda (Capt Random) ","NANO103" Nachklangmusik - Cern Technology 1.2 (Original Mix)","Das ist sehr gut. From strength to strength"

Fluxilian","NANO103" Nachklangmusik - Deep Blue Sky (Original Mix)","Spacious house music for the floor, with carefully placed techno splashes here and there.Very nice!"

Jamie Behan","NANO103" Nachklangmusik - Cern Technology 1.2 (Original Mix)","Nice ep will definitely play Cern 1.2"

James Barbour [Tribal Waves - Edinburgh]","NANO103" Nachklangmusik - Frequency (Original Mix)","nice and punchy deep vibes."

Jason Pepperell","NANO103" Nachklangmusik - Cern Technology 1.2 (Original Mix)","Strong ep! Will support on my DeepSoul show"

Mark OSullivan","NANO103" Nachklangmusik - Frequency (Original Mix)","A great release of deep electronic tracks..very enjoyable"

Mick Chillage","NANO103" Nachklangmusik - Clear Space (Original Mix)","A superb collection of deep dubby influenced techno, with a distinct dreamy yet soulful feel, which really separates Tim from the rest of the new school techno clones, a rising force in electronica..","

Nitzan Fine Art","NANO103" Nachklangmusik - Cern Technology 1.2 (Original Mix)","Very strong release!

Ryan Parmer (Phasen)","NANO103" Nachklangmusik - Cern Technology 1.2 (Original Mix)","Hard to pick a favorite...all deep, funky, groovin', driving techno. Nice"

Sammy Rock","NANO103" Nachklangmusik - Cern Technology 1.2 (Original Mix)","Tim Treubrodt delivers a one - two punch of electronic deep - tech house monster with this release.Don't sleep for all the cuts and producers involved handled thier duties correctly.Hot !

T Cane [Florian Schmidt]","NANO103" Nachklangmusik - Frequency (Original Mix)","It's a nice and groovy Ep. Perfect for a "warm up Dj Set" My favorites are Frequency and Cern Technology 1.2 (by the way, i like the Cern very much :-))

Tomi Chair","NANO103" Nachklangmusik - Frequency (Original Mix)","amazing EP!!

Tomas Jirku","NANO103" Nachklangmusik - Deep Blue Sky (Original Mix)","Nice, hard-driving, dub-techno. Love the pad synths in "Deep Blue Sky". Looking forward to the remixes too!

Todd Nickolas (ADSR)","NANO103" Nachklangmusik - Clear Space (Original Mix)","All outstanding tracks, going to have to go with Clear Space as my top pick.","

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Montag, 3. Januar 2011

Dublin Xpress Vol. Four [DXR 066]

DXR Volume 4 is the 66th release from the fledgling label that started off as an off shoot to Nice & Nasty. Dublin Xpress aka DXR has always prided itself on being a platform of expression purely for that reason itself and primarily for Irish artists or artists based in Ireland. DXR was the original idea of Desy Balmer and cohort DJ Miller aka Anthony Miller to facilitate the ever increasing amount of quality demos of genres not suited for Desy's Nice & Nasty label. in less than 5 years DXR has been home to the creme de la creme of new Irish acts, such as Produse, Jay Riordan, Brian Taaffe, Captain Random, Scott Curtis, Feno, Peter Sweeney and Tony Craig ; however, DXR is equally proud to collaborate with Ignition Technician, Mike Absolom, Errol Dix, Itokim, Eight Minus Eight, Phasen, Tomi Chair, Lex Loofah and Nachklangmusik. DXR VOlume 4 showcases some great trax already released in 2010 and compliments them with some exclusive fresh new music. Ther eis no over all sound or style to pigeon hole this release, however, its fair to say that the music is of the highest calibre. Funky techno, tech House, Minimal, Hard techno, Electro House with maybe an emphasis on hard party techno. This is music made for DJs and clubs. It is not pretentious and over hyped just simple, quality club tunes for DJs who tend to like their tunes underground and with a hard edge. There are mments of techno soul and esoteric techno but get ready for the pulsating rhythm, the pounding groove and funky vibes inherent in each well crafted tune. Some of the artists may not be household now but some of them well be, you can bet your pay cheque on it. DXR give no guarentees of financial gain or promises of sex but what we can guarentee is pure, banging fun. DXR is it! It is what it is. Call it what you want. We call in DXR4.


1. Juma - Sidewinder (Nachklangmusik remix)
2. Phasen - Deep Nights
3. Stefano Vozza - 20 (Itokim Reinterpretation)
4. Soundskeeper Willy - Always Left Wondering (original)
5. Mike Absolom - Fuel (Errol Dix remix)
6. Peter Sweeney - Get Suffed (Ignition Technician remix)
7. Mike Absolom - Engine (Ignition Technician remix)
8. Cut Bit Motorz - Telepathy (Julian Eustace remix)
9. Soundskeeper Willy - Always Left Wondering (Jay Riordan Reborn & Born
10. Produse - Born
11. Nachklangmusik - Howth
12. Pauric Freeman - On The Long Fader (Captain Random remix)

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Sonntag, 17. Oktober 2010

Nachklangmusik @ Decode: 8th October 2010

Nachklangmusik @ Decode: 8th October 2010

Havantepe - Re-uptake
Leftover - Linear aspect
Heiko Laux - sharpened (grindvik and hardcell remix)
Justin Berkovi - Past Eleven
Ich & Ich - Nichts bringt mich runter (Aural Float remix)
Der Dritte Raum - Polynesia
Mikael Jonasson - Wonderchild
Joey Beltram - see trough accordion
Museum - Sleep Decay
Cari Lekebusch - shaded (compuphonic remix)
Octogen - the journeyman

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Montag, 27. September 2010

Phasen - Gainesville [DXR 063]

DXR 063 // Dublin Xpress Vol. 4


1. The Times We Forget
2. Gainesville
3. The Truths We Will Find
4. Ismaelito
5. In My House
6. Certified Florida Fried Funk
7. Floridian
8. Outroduct
9. Gainesville (F.L.O. Remix)
10. Gainesville (Nachklangmusik Remix)
11. Gainesville (Captain Random Remix)
12. Gainesville (Nacim Ladj Remix)

Ryan Parmer aka Phasen was born in Orlando, Florida in 1989 as the Acid House scene in the UK was kicking off and Detroit techno was spreading across Europe like wildfire. During high school, Parmer, was introduced to electronica acts such as Boards of Canada, Aphex Twin, and Tycho. He immediately fell in love with all forms of electronica, and soon began recording himself playing guitar on old tape players. Born and raised in a Digital age Permer developed a DIY ethic and he focused on producing a more chilled-out, mellow brand of music, with occasional excursions into the realms of house, ambient,glitch, and dance genres.He co-owns [Unnamed Label]Records with Mark.Nine and Five Step Path and has been slowly developing his reputation with releases on Unmaned and various remixes for people like Lex Loofah (Warp), Mick Chillage, Lackluster (deFocus, Merck), Tony Craig (DXR) and Nachklangmusik (DXR). Phasen is a young, fresh artist with a sound quality of a mature, relaxed man. His sound is mostly ambient, very abstract and quite expiremental; however, he thrives on subtle grooves, hypnotic beats and truly emotive music. Gainesville started off as a single. it then became huge remix project alngoside Parmer's work on an album and somewhere in the middle of the creative process Gainesville the mini album of original music and the mini album of remixes fused to become the first artist album on DXR and Phasen's long playing debut for DXR, which we all agree at DXR is a wonderful outcome of collaboration, originality and quality sound architecture. Gainesville's surpsie is the sheer maturity of sound that Parmer has reached in such a short time. Working with Enda Rochford and Desy Balmer for 12 months and collaborating with Mick Chillage and Tim Trebout etc. has definately had a positive impact and Permer's approach which is al good for your listening pleasure.

Montag, 13. September 2010

Proton Mix 031 by Dave Mothersole

Proton Mix 031 by dave mothersole

01 Eight Finger Eddie - The Light
02 Lark - Tedra [Buzz]
03 The Parallel - Soul Brother - Nachklangmusik Mix [Nice & Nasty]
04 Penner & Muder - Let The Music Play [Mood Music]
05 Robert Babicz - The Feeling [Babiczstyle]
06 Tomson & Benedict - Rainy Things [Freerange]
07 Office Gossip - Var lll [Dark Energy]
08 Conforce - Insecure [Delsin]
09 Javier Orduna - Muntaner 51 - Alex Lario Mix [Rubrik]
10 Sascha Dive - Jus Groove - Chez Damier Mix [Tsuba]
11 Francois Dubois - Tenori [Urban Torque]
12 Ross Evana - Edamame [Omerta]
13 Lewis Lastella - Sunset [Pumpz]
14 Tigerskin - Response - Kollektiv Turmstrasse Mix [Absurd]
15 Pat Turner - Drifting [Dubhe]
16 Vincenzo - Young Mountain [Mobilee]

Dienstag, 31. August 2010

Nachklangmusik - Stereotype World Part 3 Remixes E.P.

1. Stereotype World (Mick Chillage Remix)

2. Stereotype World (Phasen's Stereotype World of his Own Mix) 5:37

3. Stereotype World (f.l.o. remix)

The Thirds and final part of the Stereotype World Series. With Two full EPs of 6 original pieces of music, tim Treubodt affords three up and coming remixers to reinterpret the epontmous track, Stereotype World. Mick Chillage, Phasen and F.L.O. were chosen and inspired they were. Mick is no stranger to DXR and aprt of the Nice & Nasty family and yet another connection between Nachklangmusik and Ireland. Phasen is arguably America's hottest and youngest experimental techno maker whilst F.L.O is new to DXR. Mick Chillage never does the same thing twice and his array of sounds and talent never fails to impress. Chillage drops a proper phat electro beat and takes the track on a darker, harder journey. Phasen produces his single best piece of music to date. The prolific young American drops a funky, filtered twist ont he original that i-Cube, Daft punk and many of the French House brigade would die for. f.l.o. turns the original on its head and pounds out a relentless groove that takes the emotive essence of the original and the entire series and creates an epic hair tingling tune. Part One and Two are fine pieces of work in their own right and show off the skills, depth of knowledge and sheer tenacity of Germany's unsung hero of techno; however, this remix pack reall does prove that 3 is the magic number with some splendid sounds and proper techno grooves for everyone to enjoy. One thinks Nachklangmusik has arrived!